Art is What Makes the World Colorful

I do believe that this world would be very different without art, and that this art that I am talking of is what makes us human. This art that I am talking of is what makes us capable of creating marvels of our own, wonders of our own, because it is through this that we are in this world, progressed, intellectual beings who are capable of space travel, well not entirely, but possibly.

So here it goes.

world color photo

Art is what makes the world colorful because it is this thing that makes  us imaginative  creatures, that this imaginative trait that we have is what makes us survive the thousands of years that we are here. Well, we may not survive the various challenges that mankind have experienced if it was no for  art.

Art is what brings us to the passageways towards self enlightenment, it makes us express ourselves even more, even way beyond the powers of our vocal chords can do.

Art is what brings light and joy to the world, wherein boredom is not anymore happening throughout the world, because there are so many art forms in this world. Music, paintings, even the TV shows, the movies, filmography, videography, sports, and almost all things that are present is art.

Basketball is even an art, and come to think of it if there was no basketball, if there was no Beatles, if there was no Elvis Presley, no LeBron James, no whatever  you can think of, it will totally be a different world, a world which is dull and silent.

Imagine a world without Mozart, without Alexander Graham Bell, without Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein. All of these people who have contributed significantly to the progress of humanity  through their ever artistic minds in the field of science.

So here, we can see that art is not just about merely art, because it is felt and seen everywhere, even in the most unlikeliest of places, even science. Because science would not exist in this world if we are not artistic, if we are not the type of people who are capable of creativity with our imaginative minds.

We think outside the box because of this art  that we have, this art that makes the world a brighter place to live in.

Let us cherish this art, harness our creativity, and see to it that this is what we need to have that would seal a permanent trend on the progress of mankind.

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