Express Yourself with Art

Art is what gives color to the world.

Art is what makes this world a colorful place to live in.

Art is what makes us go beyond frontiers  and go to the unknown.

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I do believe that art is the one thing which makes us express  ourselves even more, because we are here for a purpose  and that purpose is to make this world a wonderful world to live in.

Of course, we cannot do that without proper communication, which is why I do think and that I am pretty sure that art is a process of which we can communicate, of which we can go beyond the unknown and share our thoughts, our emotions, our comprehensions, our understanding, and whatever that may be, to the world.

Express yourself with art because art makes your lives wonderful and colorful, it gives you more meaning and that it makes you enjoy life.  You can free yourself through art because when you do art, such as draw, paint,  color something, do something imaginative, you are using your creativity and you are making it more of like a vessel of which you talk through the metaphysical realm.

It is a vessel which gives you the capability to express yourself and free yourself from this world. It brings you to places where you can never think you can think of, it brings you to world that is impossible for you to go to, it can express what your heart feels. That is the power of art, that is what art can do.

Expressing yourself with art and through art is what makes us lessen the load that we have in our hearts, in ourselves, because art is then the thing which carries away our burdens, and for example, if we are mad at someone, we can express that through doing art, we use our creativity, our imagination, to shift that anger, that maddening rage into something which is wonderful, something which is beautiful.

Do not be afraid to voice out your opinions, your emotions, your thoughts, because you are free to do whatever you want through art. No one hinders you from becoming artistic in your own way, because that is our nature, that is your nature, and that in one way or another, we are artistic, we are creative beings.

Express yourself with art because this will enlighten you and will make you wiser, as it brings you to the pits of glorification that will surely make  you your best self.

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